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Failure is The Option

I am no fan of what many consider to be conspiracy theories or the ‘sky is falling’ mentality. I believe that is far more conducive to scare tactics used by the Left-they are more effective at it, and their philosophy is more in line with such theories; as opposed to the conservative values of independence […]

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Riding a Dead Horse into Your Hospital Bed…and Beyond And you don’t even see it coming.

Currently, there is nearly eighty thousand pages of government regulations. I was a bit surprised-I thought it would be double that number. But one page of regulation could conceivably cause a mountain of obstacles for the people and the businesses-the job producers- of this country. Eighty thousand pages in the control of our current political […]


A Threat from Stalin’s Disciple

I have used a different format here. Directly copying from a New York Times Opinion Piece written by Russian President Vladimir Putin, I offer my humble dissection of a wannabe genocidal baby killer’s plea for peace. It is mostly noted from the perspective of what Putin really thinks, as opposed to what he has written […]

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Libertycare: Sensible Healthcare Reform in the American Tradition

Libertycare: Sensible Healthcare Reform in the American Tradition By: Bruce Navin In a previous article, I posted a very simple bill as the first steps to immigration reform. In light of the mess that is Obamacare, let’s try the same thing for healthcare reform. But first, a quick review of problems with Obamacare. First, it […]