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Whoopie’s real job? Create hate and anger for revolution…And she’s good at it

The U.S. State Dept. under Hillary held a summit at Columbia Law School called the Alliance of Youth Movements Summit. Sponsors of the summit were Google, Facebook, YouTube, CBS and MSNBC. Attendees at the summit also included representatives of mass media organizations such as NBC, ABC and CNN. But the summit was a façade. It […]

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What Happened? Islam Happened.

Three photos from 1956. A fashion show in Baghdad, Iraq; downtown Cairo, Egypt; a nightclub in Cairo, Egypt. Today it is extremely rare to find a female over twelve years old not wearing the veil or the extreme headscarf, the kind that covers the forehead and neck. Additionally, the arms are always fully covered. What […]

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They pray in the streets for a reason folks. And it’s a very bad sign of things to come.

If any other group blocked the sidewalks and blocked businesses like this, the police would never allow it. So why is it that Muslims have more rights than the rest of us? And think about this: Why are these Muslims praying in the street when Brooklyn has 98 mosques? And some of the mosques in […]

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I follow most Muslim Brotherhood (MB) organizations in America on social media. I follow MB mosques, CAIR National, as well as CAIR state branches, and I follow ICNA, ISNA, and MPAC — all powerful MB groups that recruit activists for the pro-Muslim agenda in America. I also follow several of the Muslim Student Associations in […]