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Is Your Home Compliant With the New United Nations International Building Codes?

It appears that United Nations Agenda 21 will be coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Recently while perusing my town’s City Hall website I stumbled upon a notice listed on the building code site that informed builders that they would have to comply with “International Building Codes” by April, 2014. Naturally, I was a […]

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America’s Future Must Not Belong to Obama!

During the recent government shutdown, America has witnessed just how far certain members of both parties can sink. The childish name-calling exhibit put on by the Obama Administration, which involves characterizing the Tea Party as, “hostage taking terrorists” is appalling. On September 22, 2013, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called the Tea Party “legislative […]

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Exposed! The Muslim Brotherhood’s Plan for Infiltrating America With Obama’s Blessings!

By Laurie Sterling The Middle East is in turmoil. Coptic Christians are being killed and persecuted in Egypt. Ancient churches are burning and the world is changing so dramatically that the changes can only be described as “changes of biblical proportions.” The Muslim Brotherhood’s influence is well known throughout the Middle East but it is […]

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Welcome Back to the School and the Five Pillars of Islam!

By Laurie Sterling As summer winds down and “Back to School” shopping ads start appearing all over the place, children are ready to return to the structure and routine that school provides. After spending long summer days with their children, most parents are eager to get some much-needed time to themselves. As the “back to […]

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Tennessee Public Schools Bow Down to Islam!

By Laurie Sterling As a former teacher in the Tennessee school systems, I am appalled by the way my state has caved to the demands of various Islamic groups and to their agenda to implement Sharia Law in America. Tennessee is one of the first states to implement Common Core, which is a curriculum that […]