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UC Professor: Democrat’s Immigration Plot to Create Subservient Class

UC Davis Professor Hamamoto is saying what most of us are thinking: Open borders means an underclass of welfare recipients and Democrat voters. Hamamoto took a bold step in alleging illegal immigrants form the genesis of subservient class. His opinion reads like a political agenda from a TV drama with sinister villains who want to […]

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We’re Back to “Global Cooling”: It’s the Marxist Circle of Life..

In the 1970’s, scientists agreed there was an impending ice age because of man-made “Global Cooling.” It was in all the papers – including the cover of TIME Magazine. The debate was over.  Another Ice Age? Until the 80’s came and it was time for Ozone Depletion. Man-made. Gonna kill everyone unless my mom gave up […]

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Obama: Guilty of Human Trafficking – Girls Rented & Raped: Part II

Politicians who directly encourage the travel of thousands of children through a rapists valley – all in the name of bending American citizen’s to their political will – are guilty of human trafficking and an accessory to the torture and gang-rape young girls coming to cross the Texas border from Central America must endure. Period. This […]

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Obama Woke Us

I give Barack Obama credit for exactly one thing: He woke us up Government is defined as a system of ruling and controlling people, and the key word there is control. I’ve never been able to figure this out – there a big group of people in the country who want to control other people […]

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Well no one will say it, so here goes: The voter I.D. debate is pretty simple to me. The liberals who say requiring a government issued I.D. to vote will disenfranchise people and suppress the vote are full of crap. They are liars, plain and simple. What they want is the ability for anyone to […]

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The Coming Race War

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about a coming race war.  Jay-Z says America better “watch out,” Carl T. Rowan says it’s inevitable because of the economy, Glenn Beck says the White House is planting the seeds of a race war – even a Department of Homeland Security employee is hoarding ammo and prepping for […]


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When I was a kid I thought we lived in a crappy neighborhood. For those of you that have kids, you know how they can be envious like that. I was embarrassed and I wanted to live in a rich neighborhood with all the stuff. I wanted stuff Bauer Hockey skates and a Schwinn 5-speed with […]