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To some, the US Constitution and its “Bill of Rights” are a real pain in the neck!

This is especially true of the Washington elitists!  Many of whom are socialist-leaning, progressive politicians who think – regardless of the issue – that “government” can and should always provide the solution. These statists simply do not acknowledge or appreciate the value of the protections our Constitution, and its first ten amendments, provide for every […]

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Rep. Kevin Brady (R): Medicare for All is dangerous

Conroe, Tex. – The federal government will cancel the health insurance plans of more than 600,000 workers and seniors in my 8th Congressional District of Texas if the dangerous Medicare for All proposal becomes law. Last week at an emotional congressional hearing led by the House Ways and Means Committee Democrats, it was revealed the socialized medicine […]

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Good, Bad, & Ugly Walls

As most of my readers know, I am un-apologetically a big proponent of building a wall on our southern border which I believe is a GOOD wall, and I also believe in walls in general.  However, there are always exceptions; for example, walls built by tyrants such as the Berlin Wall which was torn down […]

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From Roots to Reparations, the Truth about Slavery & the Lies that Keep us in Bondage

Our nation doesn’t have a great record on the subject of race, and feelings run deep on this issue. Much of what we know and believe about slavery came from a miniseries we watched in the 70s, Roots, written by Alex Haley. It followed the family blood line of Kunta Kinte. It started when black […]

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Obama: Guilty of Human Trafficking – Girls Rented & Raped: Part II

Politicians who directly encourage the travel of thousands of children through a rapists valley – all in the name of bending American citizen’s to their political will – are guilty of human trafficking and an accessory to the torture and gang-rape young girls coming to cross the Texas border from Central America must endure. Period. This […]