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UC Professor: Democrat’s Immigration Plot to Create Subservient Class

UC Davis Professor Hamamoto is saying what most of us are thinking: Open borders means an underclass of welfare recipients and Democrat voters. Hamamoto took a bold step in alleging illegal immigrants form the genesis of subservient class. His opinion reads like a political agenda from a TV drama with sinister villains who want to […]

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EMPATHY AND THE COMMON CORE: “Oh, say can you feel?”

Empathetic learning is all the rage in the Common Core.  They call it SEL (Social & Emotional Learning).  Sort of like the newfangled “empathetic medicine” where I suppose the surgeon feels the pain of the patient.  Hopefully, not while operating.   Yup, put yourself right into someone else’s shoes, literally.  Not sympathy where I feel your […]

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Libertycare: Sensible Healthcare Reform in the American Tradition

Libertycare: Sensible Healthcare Reform in the American Tradition By: Bruce Navin In a previous article, I posted a very simple bill as the first steps to immigration reform. In light of the mess that is Obamacare, let’s try the same thing for healthcare reform. But first, a quick review of problems with Obamacare. First, it […]

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Welcome Back to the School and the Five Pillars of Islam!

By Laurie Sterling As summer winds down and “Back to School” shopping ads start appearing all over the place, children are ready to return to the structure and routine that school provides. After spending long summer days with their children, most parents are eager to get some much-needed time to themselves. As the “back to […]

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Tennessee Public Schools Bow Down to Islam!

By Laurie Sterling As a former teacher in the Tennessee school systems, I am appalled by the way my state has caved to the demands of various Islamic groups and to their agenda to implement Sharia Law in America. Tennessee is one of the first states to implement Common Core, which is a curriculum that […]