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Will Joe Biden Finally Pay for Betraying Seal Team Six?

Many people believe Joe Biden is responsible for the deaths of the SEAL Team Six members who killed Osama Bin Laden. On May 3, 2011, two days after the raid, Biden publicly identified them to the Atlantic Council, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington D.C. In a brazen, public act of treachery, he said: […]

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Gun Control & the Slippery Slope to Genocide

“Gun control” is one of the most cunning and dangerous oxymorons used today. Real gun control is a father teaching his child how to hold, shoot, and properly care for his firearms. The gun control Senator Cory Booker is pushing could more aptly be called pre-gun confiscation or, possibly even more, extreme, pre-genocide. According to […]

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What Happened? Islam Happened.

Three photos from 1956. A fashion show in Baghdad, Iraq; downtown Cairo, Egypt; a nightclub in Cairo, Egypt. Today it is extremely rare to find a female over twelve years old not wearing the veil or the extreme headscarf, the kind that covers the forehead and neck. Additionally, the arms are always fully covered. What […]

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We’re Back to “Global Cooling”: It’s the Marxist Circle of Life..

In the 1970’s, scientists agreed there was an impending ice age because of man-made “Global Cooling.” It was in all the papers – including the cover of TIME Magazine. The debate was over.  Another Ice Age? Until the 80’s came and it was time for Ozone Depletion. Man-made. Gonna kill everyone unless my mom gave up […]

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Welcome Back to the School and the Five Pillars of Islam!

By Laurie Sterling As summer winds down and “Back to School” shopping ads start appearing all over the place, children are ready to return to the structure and routine that school provides. After spending long summer days with their children, most parents are eager to get some much-needed time to themselves. As the “back to […]