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Gun Control & the Slippery Slope to Genocide

“Gun control” is one of the most cunning and dangerous oxymorons used today. Real gun control is a father teaching his child how to hold, shoot, and properly care for his firearms. The gun control Senator Cory Booker is pushing could more aptly be called pre-gun confiscation or, possibly even more, extreme, pre-genocide. According to […]

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I need to report a crime, however I’m not sure which agency to call; local, state, or FBI.  Let me explain.. Within the past several days or so, up in the “People’s Republic of Cambridge, MA,” in the land of Senator “lieawatha,” a graduate student named Leyla Pirnie, attending “hahvud” did what countless thousands of […]

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Legal immigration is as destructive as illegal Immigration

When politicians tell you they believe in legal immigration, what does that phrase mean to you as a citizen of the US? Are you thinking of the process that immigrants used to go through, background checks, medical checks, no access to welfare, a delayed time in this country so that immigrants can absorb into the […]