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The Storm is Real and So is Q

October 28, 2017, changed the way of using the internet for those seeking truth. Censorship from the big social media giants along with the Cable news outlets left many clamoring for truth, real truth. I am one of those people. In an obscure corner of the internet, on a quiet message forum called 4Chan, a […]

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What Happened? Islam Happened.

Three photos from 1956. A fashion show in Baghdad, Iraq; downtown Cairo, Egypt; a nightclub in Cairo, Egypt. Today it is extremely rare to find a female over twelve years old not wearing the veil or the extreme headscarf, the kind that covers the forehead and neck. Additionally, the arms are always fully covered. What […]

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They pray in the streets for a reason folks. And it’s a very bad sign of things to come.

If any other group blocked the sidewalks and blocked businesses like this, the police would never allow it. So why is it that Muslims have more rights than the rest of us? And think about this: Why are these Muslims praying in the street when Brooklyn has 98 mosques? And some of the mosques in […]

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“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” not true of the left

I spend a lot of time watching news stories from Western Europe and the U.K., in particular. Many of the world’s political changes manifest themselves across the Pond before we see them here in the States. Decades ago we saw the spreading of socialism across Europe like a bad rash from summer camp. Now we […]

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I need to report a crime, however I’m not sure which agency to call; local, state, or FBI.  Let me explain.. Within the past several days or so, up in the “People’s Republic of Cambridge, MA,” in the land of Senator “lieawatha,” a graduate student named Leyla Pirnie, attending “hahvud” did what countless thousands of […]

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We’re Back to “Global Cooling”: It’s the Marxist Circle of Life..

In the 1970’s, scientists agreed there was an impending ice age because of man-made “Global Cooling.” It was in all the papers – including the cover of TIME Magazine. The debate was over.  Another Ice Age? Until the 80’s came and it was time for Ozone Depletion. Man-made. Gonna kill everyone unless my mom gave up […]

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Worldwide Muslim Conquest: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

The document we are discussing has been around for many years. It was written in 1991. What we are exposing is its connection and significance today.  ********************************** People in power call those who expose their nasty little secrets “conspiracy theorist;” however, there is a conspiracy working in the United States since 1982 and is now […]

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MS 13 was Paid $50,000 Per Head to Smuggle Terrorists into the US During Obama Reign

This article was originally published by Dr. Sharon Schuetz on Lady Patriots in 2014. While some people are finally waking up to the boarder crisis, most of the mainstream media is still grinding out story after story full of heart wrenching details of the long journey children are making from Central America to the “Promised […]