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Tennessee Public Schools Bow Down to Islam!

By Laurie Sterling As a former teacher in the Tennessee school systems, I am appalled by the way my state has caved to the demands of various Islamic groups and to their agenda to implement Sharia Law in America. Tennessee is one of the first states to implement Common Core, which is a curriculum that […]

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Forget the Ice Cream Man, Get Condoms from the Planned Parenthood Van!

If your teenage daughter doesn’t get enough indoctrination in her high school or middle school sex education class, don’t fret. The new Planned Parenthood “SmartWheels” Mobile ‘Health Care’ Clinic may be rolling through your neighborhood soon! If your daughter is shy about going to the doctor to be tested for popular sexually transmitted diseases like […]

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Is Christian Bashing the New Hate Speech in America?

You’ve heard it said, time and time again:  “You can talk about anything you want, just don’t talk about religion or politics!”  This “politically correct” statement is a clever device to silence Christians.  Of course non-believers don’t want to talk about religion or politics.  In America, however, we have the God-given rights of freedom of […]

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Abortion’s Dirty Little Secret is Finally Exposed!!!

On Tuesday, July 2, 2013, pro-life demonstrators peacefully assembled outside of the Texas state capitol.   As they stood in support of the rights of the lives of our nation’s innocents, singing “Amazing Graze,” they were rudely interrupted by pro-abortionists chanting, “All hail Satan!” The masks finally came off and the ugly truth  about abortion was […]