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Some of you are asking, exactly what is the Common Core? The simple answer is, well, not so simple. It’s a national curriculum. Some say, it’s “one size fits all” education. Others will tell you, this is a complete overhaul of K-12: a fundamental transformation of public education. New “New Math” with social justice. Globally focused. Less classical novel reading. More informational text. Climate Change. And it’s brought to you by the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation and the Department of Education. Above all else, it’s “rigorous.” That’s what the creators and proponents of the Common Core keep telling us: it’s rigorous. So yes, it’s rigorous, whatever that ultimately turns out to mean.

The Common Core Standards were preceded by “No Child Left Behind” under the Bush Administration. Well, that’s going away, if it hasn’t already in your state because of the opt-out included in the little contest that started it all under the current administration: Race to the Top. School districts vied for 2009 stimulus bill bucks in exchange for undefined common standards. So, when you ask, what is the Common Core, you are asking a really loaded question.

Perhaps “Common Core Fails,” the FreedomWorks’ site ( best encapsulates the Common Core as “a special interest takeover of education that replaces local control with national standards, treating every child as though they are the same and learn the same. These standards affect every school in the nation by allowing big business and bureaucrats into the classroom. The standards established through Common Core fail to account for innovation or critical thinking. Education should be about rewarding excellence and treating children like the unique individuals they are—not a race to mediocrity and commonality.”

So, what is the Common Core? Something every American should be knowledgeable about. Time to research, get involved, learn about the Common Core standards and how they will impact our children, grandchildren and future generations. Consider this your Core crash course and remember, the sources below are only the tip of the iceberg of info out there, both pro and con:

“Rotten to the Core” a four-part series, Michelle Malkin, 3/15/13

Rotten to the Core: Conservatives spearhead drive at RNC meeting to stop Common Core

“Common Core Nonfiction Reading Standards Mark the End of Literature, English Teachers Say,” Huffington Post, 2/10/12

“Time to Opt Out of Creepy Fed Ed Data-Mining Racket,” Michelle Malkin

Time To Opt Out of Creepy Fed Ed Data-Mining Racket

“Is the Common Core Initiative Dumbing Down America’s Students?, ” The Blaze, 3/14/13

“Common Core: The ‘State-led’ Myth,”{DD1E4039-3547-4CCE-B0FD-4B46B866FF76}&persistdesign=none

“Why I oppose the Common Core Standards: Ravitch, Washington Post, 2/25/13

The Road to a National Curriculum, A Pioneer Institute White Paper by R.S. Eitel & KD Talbert

“Who is David Coleman and Why Should You Care?,” Common Core: Education without Representation
Who is David Coleman and Why Should You Care?

“Common Core: the David Coleman Dilemma,” Alan Sitomer, California’s Teacher of the Year 2007

@the Chalk Face Knows Schools Matter

Coleman Literacy Discussion

Say No to Common Core, 5-part series by Stop Common Core (GA)

Glenn Beck TV Program, The Blaze, segment “tracking students K through age 20”

Glenn Beck TV Program, The Blaze, segment “math and propaganda ”

Glenn Beck TV Program, The Blaze, segment “data mining ”

FreedomWorks: Common Core Fails

Truth in American Education

The Educational Freedom Coalition

C.U.R.E. – Citizens United for Responsible Education


Women on the Wall (CSCOPE)

Also, on Facebook/Twitter:
Educational Freedom Coalition
Parents and Teachers against the Common Core
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Merrill Hope
Merrill Hope
Merrill Hope is a contributing writer who has also inked articles for The Hollywood Reporter and Backstage West; she also blogs for a number of sites and has penned or placed lifestyle and education articles over the years. She has been in the trenches of the Common Core since before it had a name. Most importantly, she is also a wife, a mom and a dachshund lover. You can reach her on Twitter at Merrill Hope @outoftheboxmom.

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