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Future did prove past, again

I believe that for most, politics has become something of a sport. A competition that is a “must win at all cost” game. Be it on the left or the right, majority of Americans look upon an opportunity to one up a social media acquaintance or family member who has opposing views. It is not a matter of principle, it is a matter of winning the argument. Most won’t even stop to consider the outcome of hastily argued point that may be only half of the information of a given topic. Most do not read the entire article posted before commenting their opinions. Should one lose the argument, they may find themselves banished by a block click or trounced upon by the many who like to jump on a bandwagon (or thread) just to prove themselves right. Sadly, this has become the type of argument that leaves many without fact or evidence in order to make a solid decision on an issue.

I also believe that civil discourse is vital to our national conversation. Without it, America would not be the Republic that we call home. Imagine if the Founding Fathers devolved into name calling and banishment of those they disagreed with at the first Constitutional Congress. Benjamin Franklin insulting Thomas Jefferson enough that Samuel Adams exiled Mr. Franklin to a kind of social purgatory. Yet, that is what we see and do daily on social media outlets and then ponder why our Country is so divided. The old adage of “I can’t hear you over the screaming” proves true as much today as it did in my grandparents time when I first heard it. You can’t argue a point if all parties are talking over one another in their attempts to be right. No one likes to be wrong so we will continue pounding away at the keyboard in heated attempt to prove someone wrong. If all else fails, we will scroll on past looking for the next argument to jump in on just to make ourselves feel better about having lost the previous battle.

With so many issues being pandered about inaccurately by the main stream media, it is disheartening to follow the news. For so long, I watched CNN until they became the Channel of Hate and Lies, then I started watching MSNBC only to find they were just as bad as CNN. All that was left was FOX News. Even that has become unwatchable except for a couple of opinion shows like Hannity and Tucker. They get as heated and wound up as the rest of them and sometimes, I just want the news, plain and simple, no opinion. That’s impossible to find nowadays. Which led me to Q Proofs.

While not all inclusive, it is a good start for newcomers to see all the documentation.Q has been silent for a nice bit of time but his posts are more relevant today than when they were first posted. Future proves past is definitely right.I follow Q because now I know what is really happening. I know because I am forced to research and document for myself. I refuse to be led like a sheep to the slaughterhouse based upon a particular party or political narrative that some anchor on a cable show tells me to follow. With that knowledge, I am armed and ready to educate others who come to the well with a thirst for the truth.

Lianne Mueck
Lianne Mueck
Lianne Mueck started her IT career while based at Goodfellow AFB in 1998. During the course of her time there, Lianne was tasked by Operation Desert Storm/Shield Association with interviewing and investigating Gulf War Syndrome with Active Duty Military. She served proudly with this organization and worked alongside members of both Parties to help achieve President Clinton’s final summary for presumptive care and treatment for GW veterans and their families. Her love for service carried her to Rhode Island where she was worked alongside Rhode Island Tea Party who saw historical gains for the “conservative” movement. Establishing itself as the first State-level Tea Party, Lianne was elected to public office and worked tirelessly with both Democrats and Republicans in areas of Voter ID, Transportation legislation, Public Sector Union fairness as well as large budgetary items. Her focus was on Education Reform. Returning to Texas, Lianne has worked for conservative candidates who are pro-life, pro-marriage but most importantly, pro-Constitution. Now remarried to her childhood crush, Lianne and Curtis reside in their hometown of Livingston where they are raising their precious grandson, Elijah. They attend Central Baptist Church.