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Good, Bad, & Ugly Walls

As most of my readers know, I am un-apologetically a big proponent of building a wall on our southern border which I believe is a GOOD wall, and I also believe in walls in general.  However, there are always exceptions; for example, walls built by tyrants such as the Berlin Wall which was torn down thirty years ago or those built around the Nazi concentration camps.  Those are very BAD walls.

With the exception of the prisoners and criminals, I don’t know of anyone that would argue against the need for prison walls or the walls our homes are comprised of.  Both of them separate and protect us from bad people and serve as a protective barrier for our loved ones.  

Now that I’ve established that everyone knows why we build walls, how they work, and how effective they are, I will explain how they tie into today’s commentary.

I learned the other day that the Governor of Florida, which is where I live, is preparing to embark with an entourage on what I imagine has to be a taxpayer funded ‘fact finding mission’ to Israel to see how well the border wall in that country works.  While I have no real problem with the governor, I do have a bit of a problem with him taking this trip as I will explain.  In the first place, as mentioned above, everyone already knows fully well what walls do and how they work, so I don’t understand why any US politician finds it necessary to visit a foreign country to learn about walls as if the whole concept is some new cutting edge idea found only in faraway places.  Instead of visiting the Holy Land at taxpayer expense, why not do a much more cost-effective mission to our own southern border and document how well it works where it already is, as opposed to how porous the border is where there is no wall…?!

That all said, my real discussion today is of two very visible if largely unseen walls in the State of Florida that the governor is certainly aware of.  Interestingly, sometime after the photo to the left was taken, he and Sean Hannity, who called Carmine “his buddy” distanced themselves from him. 

The first is a BAD wall of political protection that has apparently been built around the entire law enforcement, legal, and judicial systems in Lee County which has itself created an UGLY wall of imprisonment for one particular victim of that system.

I am of course talking about the case of Deanna Williams who was a victim of rape in 2009 and has since been victimized by unethical lawyers, judges, and the sheriff of the county, (the man in the middle of the photo), where she resides.  I won’t unpack the entire story here today because it has so many moving parts; however, you can catch up with and read all of the unpacking of it if you click here and follow the links in the Pulitzer worthy connecting articles by Tim Brown.

Just as a quick refresher though; one of her first lawyers, Gloria Allred, apparently failed to pay the fees of her first attorney which she was contractually obliged to do.  That singular failure started a domino effect which has left Deanna a victim of theft of six figure funds owed to her, she is subject to arrest for contempt even though she has in fact complied to the best of her ability with every court order, and ultimately was pursued by Carmine Marceno, who was at the time under sheriff of Lee County, after she visited that office to report the theft.  

By the way, if she ever did get arrested for anything in that county by that sheriff, there are a lot of people residing behind that very BAD wall with him who stand to lose a lot once her story is finally nationally known, and my guess is that she would never leave alive.

Not only did that sheriff never start the investigation; instead of helping her, he helped himself to her, and she became pregnant; a pregnancy that he was adamant that she terminate because his career would be on the line if it got out that he approached her on Facebook instead of letting his detectives handle the matter as he should have.  Sadly, very likely due in large part to the stress of her ordeal, she lost her baby about a month ago; and the only person who is probably okay with that wears a badge and a gun and resides behind the aforementioned BAD wall of political protection.  I could go on about Deanna’s situation endlessly, but this is a two-part rant…! 

However, before I do switch to the next part, I will add that the FDLE was not interested in checking into the documents and information uncovered by Tim Brown and I cannot wonder if they are also a brick in the protective wall around this sheriff and that county.

Another very bad wall is the protective one built around voter fraud by many corrupt politicians.  A while back, I came up with a fairly simple plan which I believe would reduce voter fraud by between 65% to 75%, and me and a friend, who shall remain nameless for now have been trying since January to get an appointment with this governor to lay out that plan to him; however his snotty gatekeepers have put both of us off and constructed a very ugly wall so that we cannot reach him, a man who works for us.  

So I guess I’ll just end this with a two-part open question to the governor in hopes that someone will get it to him, even if that someone is Amanda Emmons from his office because I will be sending this to her as well.

Governor, before you depart for your trip to Israel to look at their wall and get some great PR photo ops, how about putting politics aside and having your AG take a look at some of the walls I’ve described above…?!  

When people find out that you did the right thing and removed the wall of protection around the corruption in Lee County and removed the wall imprisoning Deanna Williams, you’ll score big with the voters.  Because one way or another, this story is not going away, and you have the opportunity to shine in the eyes of the voters or fade, possibly causing them to vote for whoever your next opponent is.  Maybe Andrew Gillum again.

And, if you let me be heard and remove the wall of protection around voter fraud, you very well might win the next election by big numbers instead of by the skin of your teeth as you and several others just did. 

The clock is clicking on both of these issues.  I don’t know how much longer Deanna can hold out, but I do know that if we don’t have the changes I have in mind up and running by June of 2020, I very much doubt we’ll see a fair election in November of 2020.

It’s your call governor; you can do the right thing with both of these issues and be a onafide hero or do nothing and be a bonafide zero..!  
I’ll be waiting to hear from your office on both of these matters…!

David DiCrescenzo
David DiCrescenzo
David DiCrescenzo was born and raised in the Boston area and has found success at a number of occupations over the years ranging from Executive Protection Specialist for a bank CEO, to a construction manager, and small business owner. Always keeping a keen eye and ear to local surroundings and world events, coupled with his mixed experiences, David has developed a strong sense of discernment with regards to the world landscape. Transplanting himself from Boston to Florida in 2003, and utilizing his unique and often times laser perspective, David opines and reports on a variety of topics ranging from his strong Christian faith, the political realm, world events, and sometimes all three combined. Offering no apologies, David is a defender of solid conservative principles and values, and is a dyed in the wool American Patriot.