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How to Read the Media: Politico Spins Greenspan

Here is a perfect example of how the Washington Media manipulates stories to suit their agenda. Keep in mind that Alan Greenspan-a long serving financial chief when the economy was strong- has stated that he thinks the consequences of Obamacare will be ‘very severe’ for the economy. But the article tries to lead you in the exact opposite direction.

The first portion of Saturday’s “Politico Playbook” by Mike Allen is a textbook example of this manipulation to suit an agenda and it only takes half a brain to defeat the position. The funniest part is that it isn’t Greenspan’s words that are the giveaway-it’s Allen’s.

Politico originally set out to be a driving force for the Washington Media to run with liberal storylines, and they have certainly become one. Even Mr. Allen’s banner line for his “Playbook” column reveals as much.

But take a look at the first portion of the article, and then walk with me for a moment and we will see how absurd of an attempt Allen has made. In fact, thinking through the piece will lead you to the exact opposite conclusion that Mr. Allen wants, but the brain dead consumers of main stream media won’t even catch it.

Here is the piece (I removed only the lengthy banner line):

FIRST LOOK – ALAN GREENSPAN, Fed chairman from 1987 to 2006, in a book….: “Our highest priority going forward is to fix our broken political system. Short of that, there is no viable long-term solution to our badly warped economy. In America we are being pulled apart politically in ways unrivaled since the aftermath of the 1929 crash. … My first realization of a striking shift in our politics was brought to my attention by the staunch conservative three-term senator from Utah, Robert Bennett. He feared that despite his strong approval ratings, his 2010 reelection bid was by no means secure. In his 2004 reelection, Bennett won 69 percent of the vote. His problem, as he stated it, was unexpected contenders for his Senate seat from his political RIGHT. [The 18-year veteran finished third at the Utah Republican convention and his seat is now held by Sen. Mike Lee, an instigator of the effort to shut down the government over Obamacare.] It was my first awareness of what later came to be known as the Tea Party, a political movement that emerged in 2009 and became a powerful force in the 2010 election. …

“Both uncompromising sides of our ongoing debate on fiscal and other issues need to recognize that financial crisis lurks should we fail to resolve our deeply disruptive fiscal imbalance. And that imbalance is far greater than the official data portray [because of contingent liabilities to the U.S. government from possible rescues of large financial firms and iconic nonfinancial firms] … At risk is the status the American economy has held as the preeminent world economic power for more than a century. …

“My introduction to ‘political Washington’ came in the 1960s when I was first invited to the dinners that were hosted by the Washington Post’s Katharine Graham, pundit Joseph Alsop, and others. To my recollection, the invitees to these dinners were ritualistically half Democrats and half Republicans. Today, attendance at similar dinners is predominantly a 95 to 5 percent split, with either Democrats or Republicans in the majority. … The bias toward unconstrained deficit spending is our top domestic economic problem.”

It seems to me that the reporter inserted the reference to Mike Lee being an “instigator”; I don’t think that is Greenspan’s words. Of course, the left is expert at manipulation of words to produce bias, and the use of “instigator” is far from subtle. But there is another way in which Allen shows his bias. He notes Greenspan’s reference to Bennett being a staunch conservative and then Allen indicates that Bennett was an 18-year veteran of the Senate; and that is what set off an alarm in my mind.

Allen is relaying the message that it is bad for an 18 year veteran of the Senate to be defeated by a newcomer. Yet, I wonder why we allow a Senator to be in office for 18 years; that to me is the core of the problem with Washington. We should have fresh minds in there after 12 years so that we don’t get the abuse that is so rampant. Positions of power in a democracy should not be a career choice; they should be a way to serve your country briefly, and then go home.

Allen uses Greenspan’s words out of context from a book that will not be released for another month. This is a standard ploy for the left-they see a problem for their agenda coming down the pike and so to get ahead of it, they manipulate it in advance and then consider it old news by the time it is released. It’s important to cover this story because the Left needs ammunition against the fight to defund Obamacare, and that battle will be over before the book comes out. Greenspan’s words carry a lot of weight, and if they can use them the right way then so be it. What’s more, the TEA Party is hated by the Left as much as they would claim to hate the (Liberal Democrat) Ku Klux Klan. So any chance to strike at the TEA Party is taken.

What Allen intends for the reader to take away from the article is that Greenspan is against the TEA Party, and opposed to Mike Lee’s current effort at defunding Obamacare. I’m willing to bet that Greenspan had no intention of sending such a message when he wrote those words.

In fact, the remaining portions of Greenspan’s words favor precisely the policy of the TEA Party and of Lee. He asserts that the problem in Washington is “imbalance”-too much spending compared to money coming in; and that is precisely what the TEA Party and conservatives have been saying for years.

Greenspan laments that social events in Washington are one sided and no one gets along anymore. He is right-the political system is broken. Could it be that there is a battle for our future going on at that level and it is because the old dogs don’t want to give up their fat government benefits while the TEA Party people want to come in, clean up and get out? Who do you think is looking out for the little guy in that battle? We need to send the old dogs home for good, and implement fiscal discipline starting with term and benefit limits on elected officials.

Watch the news in coming days to see how the main stream media follows Allen’s lead.

Bruce Navin
Bruce Navin
Bruce Navin is a small business owner in Central Pennsylvania, and a proud father. He enjoys doing his part in volunteering; most often in support of Catholic charitable functions including as an officer with The Knights of Columbus. One enjoyable moment in the Great American political process was being a first- hand witness to the beginning of the end of a dubious political career. It occurred in Lebanon, Pa. at a townhall meeting hosted by then Republican Senator Arlen Specter. His arrogance and that of the union thugs who tried to bully elderly men was stunning. It also marked a major milestone in the birth of the TEA party.

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