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How to Steal an Election, a Nation, and Rule the World

What do Americans fear the most? What have we lost that causes, so many of us to wonder if there is hope for America? It’s not a foreign power. Nor is it the enormous debt that we will never be able to pay. We have survived world wars, crippling drought that brought us to our knees, and a depression that destroyed our economy. Americans have always been able to work together and get through trials. We have always understood that together we could overcome any obstacle and change direction to correct our course when necessary. But, now we are discovering that the tool we use to makes these corrections is slowly being taken from us, it is being stolen.

So what is it? That tool is our vote. While we can supposedly vote for who and what we want, we walk away from the voting booth wondering if we did any good because down deep we know that someone hijacked our voting system. There is evidence everywhere that shows the corruption and how is being used against us to advance a globalist agenda. The new electronic voting system offers too many possibilities for cheating and proof that the final numbers don‘t reflect the will of the voters.

We have already seen how the government is spying on us electronically and the easy cyber intrusion in the internet and banking systems. It is just as easy for our high tech voting system, which uses the internet, to be manipulated. We can no longer go back to each prescient and confirm or deny the final count results. We need to reclaim the integrity of our voting system, and so we can again have confidence in our choices and recount results.

How? We may need to go back to the 2000 election and start from there. Most of us remember the “hanging chad” debacle. Many people believe that the only way we could have had that many “hanging chads” is for people to punch as many as 5 or 6 cards at a time. If you punch one card at a time the punch will easily pass through the card, leaving no doubt about the voter’s intent. Many of those same people think that they used the 2000 hanging chad election to convince us to go to the electronic voting machines where there would no longer be any accountability to the public. When we used punch cards we could always recount the cards. Each person had to fill it out in person, and it was a physical evidence that anyone could see and count. It was a record of how each one voted, and each vote could be reviewed and rejected if proven, not valid. Now we must take the word of the people who own the machines and trust the validity of a system that “We the People” have no control over.

Americans can push through hard and difficult times if we know we are doing it together. We need to get our voting system back and so that we can once again have confidence in our democratic system of voting and the assurance that there is not someone “out there” changing our votes for their own plans of world conquest. If we vote, and we lose on key issues because other people (even uninformed voters who vote for free stuff) outvoted us, then we probably deserve what we get. But, we don’t deserve what is being forced on us by someone in the shadows of the internet.

Michael Schuetz
Michael Schuetz
Michael Schuetz Sr. has been in electrical design for nearly 40 years. Together he and his wife of 37 years, Dr. Sharon Schuetz, pastored a number of churches and raised 2 sons and a daughter. They have 10 grandchildren.

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