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I’m Taking My Marco Rubio Water Bottle and I’m Throwing it in the Nearest Landfill!

Yes, you heard me right.  My Marco Rubio water bottle deserves to go into the landfill along with all of the other liberals and their Obama phones.  Rubio is no Rhino.  He is a full-fledged donkey now (and that other word they use for donkey, too!)  Heck, I might as well throw in my Chris Christie Whoopee Cushion, my Bob Corker corkscrew and my Lame R Alexander, plastic toothpicks too.  What a joke!  How much is a soul worth these days?  These people are so easily bought and paid for.  How quickly people sell their souls after arriving in Washington D.C.!

As if it’s not bad enough that Rubio and the Gang of Eight want to throw away our Constitution, they are now giving sanctimonious speeches and lecturing us about morality.  They really must think that  “We the People” are stupid.  Sadly,judging by last November’s vote, they would be right.  At least 51 percent of us are really dumb, short sighted, and just want our Obama phones, Rubio water bottles or Chris Christie whoopee cushions.

What’s even sadder is, I don’t think Mr. Smith is even out there anymore and, if he was, he might sell out for an I Pad with his name on it.   Maybe it will take a Mrs. Smith in the form of a Bachman or a Palin.  I continue to hold out hope for Rand Paul but even he needs to be watched closely. Ted Cruz gives me hope that there are still principled people out there.  Dr. Ben Carson is rumored to be running in 2016.  Now, there is a man of principle that won’t easily sell out!

Still, our problems are bigger than one person, one Congress, one Gang of Eight or any politician.  Our problem is that our leaders have lost their souls.   They have stood on fiscal cliffs and fallen into the liberal landfills of moral relativism.  They can’t see beyond next week, let alone 2014 or 2016, for that matter.  If the House follows suit and passes this immigration bill, there won’t be a 2016.  The Republican Party can kiss it all goodbye (good riddance to them if they do!) and we can say goodbye to the last vestiges of freedom that we still hold.

Folks, our only hope is “We the People” and God Himself.  That’s it, that’s all we have and I contend that’s all we need.  All of the cards are stacked against us.  Our leaders are corrupt and can’t be trusted.  We need to throw all of them out and think of ourselves as the ancient Israelites who had to trust in God.  When they trusted God, He saved them, when they didn’t trust God, they fell to their enemies.  That’s it, that’s all we’ve got.  Like it or not, this is a spiritual battle and can only be won spiritually.  With God on our side, we can and will win this battle.  If we continue to discard Him, however, we will be finished as a nation.

So, what can we do for now?  We can call our congress people, get the word out and pray like heck.  At least that way, we can say that we tried.  We can look our children and grandchildren in the eye and say that we did all that we could do in America’s time of crisis.

Or, we can stick our headsback into the sand and say that it doesn’t matter what we do because we are already too far gone, as a nation.  That is exactly what they want you to do.  They want you to follow their lead and sell your good old-fashioned, freedom loving, apple pie, American soul to the devil and believe their lies.

They are blind and want you to be blind like them.  And we all know what happens when the blind lead the blind.  They both fall into the pit.  Or, in this case, the liberal landfill…and we certainly don’t want to be in there with all of those Rubio water bottles, although the Chris Christie whoopee cushions might be kind of fun!

Laurie Sterling
Laurie Sterling
Laurie Sterling is a Christian singer/songwriter, author and political activist. Laurie’s articles have been featured on such websites as Save America Foundation and Freedom Works, where she administers her site, “S.O.A.R.” Saving Our American Republic. Her articles have also been featured on the Patriot Action Network website, as well as her personal WordPress Blog, titled “StandswithIsrael.” Laurie’s music has been featured on several radio stations and her CD, “I’m Looking at Heaven” has received high acclaim from well known critics. Her song, “American Dream” is a Tea Party favorite and has been used in various political campaigns. It has even been called the official Tea Party Anthem. Check out Laurie’s songs and videos at YouTube. You can see the American Dream video here. Laurie lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee with her husband James McGill, an Educational Consultant. Laurie and James have a college age son, Andrew, who is also a musician. Laurie is a former elementary school teacher and is currently working on her Masters of Arts in Theology at Liberty University. Laurie is available for speaking and singing engagements. She is passionate in her desire to see America restored to its former glory as “That Shining City on a Hill.” She loves to lead worship as a guest worship leader at various churches and is happy to share her message of hope with any congregation. You can contact Laurie via email at

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