2nd Amendment Immigration

Legal immigration is as destructive as illegal Immigration

When politicians tell you they believe in legal immigration, what does that phrase mean to you as a citizen of the US? Are you thinking of the process that immigrants used to go through, background checks, medical checks, no access to welfare, a delayed time in this country so that immigrants can absorb into the workplace and the country adjusts to the increased numbers? Those days are long over. Today’s new Americans are being handed the keys to the country, and the American people are financing the plan. Through the visa programs, immigrants are flooding through the country, entering on planes fully legitimized with legal documents to work in the US. There has to be a moratorium on all immigration for the last four years, and there needs to be an audit on the immigration that has been forced through during these last years. The country simply cannot continue absorbing the masses of people that have been green lighted to be here.

The international businesses based in the US demanded no wait delay for the H1B visa applicants or for any hold up in issuing green cards or citizenship. When the visa workers move out of the H1B status and go to green card, or permanent status, that opens up slots for more immigrants to grab more in the lottery of jobs. Although the program was first based on rare, specified and limited talent in the foreign market, the visa program has degenerated into a political and economic bonanza for the corporations who participate and for the politicians who sponsor them. The parallel program, the L1B program, has even more lenient requirements than H1B. Both programs were supposed to be non-immigration programs and were supposed to be temporary. Instead of the stringent and specialized skill requirements, business came back with the request to bring immigrants to the US within their companies that had foreign branches or subsidiaries. L1B applicants only have to have one year of work experience in a company’s subsidiaries abroad. The result has been devastating for American workers. The new jobs created are going 100% to immigrants, and the salaries are dropping precipitously.

So, why can’t American workers compete in this market? The answer is that mostly, because they aren’t invited to compete. They cost the companies more than foreign workers, and in recruitment alone, transferring people from overseas and placing them wherever the company needs the lower wage person, is a great plan for them. Although the companies explain that they don’t intend to replace Americans, there is no other plausible explanation. They get to reset their entire existing operating costs back years, the politicians are paid off, or rather receive donations in their reelection funds, and the public is blinded. The public may be poorer, their standard of living depressed, but the middle class is none the wiser. The magical illusion of it all, is perfection, Americans are too busy looking for jobs or having to take multiple jobs to notice that their American dream is being given to other people.

You have to give them credit; the plan was brilliant. Americans believe in fair play, so it took many years of displacement before anyone began to ask the right questions. One question was, why aren’t there enough qualified Americans to fill those jobs? The business community, the politicians and the Chamber of Commerce had the answer ready for that one. The companies had done their due diligence in finding American workers they will say. Of course they fail to mention that since this has been taking place, the exiting Americans who still believe that the market will take them, cannot find a job in the same market for their existing salary. That job description has been raised and the salary has been lowered. Because of their experience, they have priced themselves out of the revised pay scales. They have become too costly for the market that is sliding down which each generation of layoffs. Thus, enter more and more New Americans in the revolving door of underselling our homegrown talent.

The very politicians who promised you legal immigration are now demanding to expand and increase these visa programs. After all, if the first rounds of visas didn’t exploit enough of the population, give them another chance. They will depress the economy even further.

The business community covers nicely by saying that the American public doesn’t have the skill set to compete in the market of the future. Their answer of course is an expensive retooling of the education system that will take many years to prepare future graduates. Of course, that will be just in time to replace the older workers who have gotten pay raises and are ready to retire.

Legal immigration has become the buzzword to mean that is safe territory to support by politicians because the American people have little understanding of the transformation being conducted under their noses. People from other countries can come to the US, be subsidized by our government through the nonprofit’s organization, and then go right into immediate employment without ever standing in any American employment line.

Once they win in the lottery in the foreign market, they move effortlessly into the US and take a seat in their new job, without any competition being leveled at them by American workers. The displacement is seamless, and few people know the extent to which this is happening all over the country. The New Americans, ( the new term for job displacement and the citizen mill being conducted around the country), make it possible for the corporations to exchange their higher salaried American workers for lower scaled foreign workers and bring all their costs down without having to do any job searches. The training is most times on the job, and there are few people asking questions. Those pink slips and retirement packages are being offered at quick rates around the country to Americans, and yet, unemployment is supposed to be improving? For whom is it improving?

These are the programs that were sponsored and supported by both parties to accommodate business in their quest to find the highest skilled, most experienced people to serve the best interests of all involved. The H1B program has been touted for its effective and quick assistance to fix a problem. It fixed a program alright; Americans are leaving the workforce in droves. Instead of the government being an arbiter of public needs, the government is pushing through whatever the business community presents as fact. If the business community says they need more workers, they do a shallow investigation for whether there could be American workers who could fill the placement. they go to the visa program to import workers to fill the jobs more cheaply, and for the politicians, more beneficially to them.

Any good politician can sell you that this is this is a necessary policy to keep the economy improving and to create new taxpayers. Unless you are paying attention, you might miss the part about who they are asking to pay the price. You can be assured that it isn’t the companies who are profiting, the immigrants who are being rewarded or the politicians who spend money that belongs to the people. The public pays the price for whatever the politicians choose to pay in our name. The price tag is ultimately in the multi-trillions, and the politicians and companies aren’t yet through.

Unless the visa program is put on hold immediately, the country is going to be full of Americans underpriced, out of work too long to re-enter effectively, and aging. This was supposed to be a temporary program to raise the standards of the jobs, not to replace Americans. There should not be any more immigration until there is time to absorb the people already here. Unless Americans demand a moratorium on all immigration and demand an accounting for what is going on in this and other programs, this abuse will continue. There must be an audit on the masses of people being allowed to come here and displace Americans. Congress should be held accountable for the damage being done to the economy and to the American people. This is a distortion of what the American immigration program was supposed to be and the open border supporters are taking advantage of the situation. Saying this is an example of “legal” immigration and the way to fix a “broken” system is completely a semantic exercise. All candidates should be warned, the American people know and understand what is happening with this issue and will not stand by and let politicians gain while the country loses.

Flavia Eckholm
Flavia Eckholm
In the arts, people assume that artists are going to be Liberal, so there is rarely any diversity of political thought among artists, reporters, writers and musicians. If you disagree, you find out quickly that you are in the minority and if you speak up, you’d better be willing to defend your points and to wear a target on your back from that moment. I read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand in high school, and that book effected me from that time on, and there was no going back. In college, there was a time when I tried to fit in, by trying on the freedom that other students had, but I soon realized that for me to be happy and productive, my Conservative/Libertarian ideas were going to have to be part of my creative life as a professional artist. I grew up in the Southwest, in Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas; coming from those austere places, being independent was a must for surviving. It was a good training ground for Conservative politics.