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Mom Writes Obama: Illegal Immigrant Killed My Son

Brandon MendozaOn May 12th 2014, thirteen-year veteran Police Officer from Mesa, AZ, Brandon Mendoza, was driving home from work near Arizona’s U.S. 60 interchange & I-10 when he was killed by drunk illegal alien, Raul Silva-Corona. Corona drove the wrong way for over 30 miles on several different highways, eluded the police who tried to stop him, and slammed head on into Brandon Mendoza’s Volkswagen Passat, killing both men in the fatal crash.

Corona entered the country illegally from Mexico. He pleaded guilty to criminal-conspiracy charge in Colorado in 1994 where prosecutors dismissed charges of burglary, assault and leaving an accident scene. Now, twenty-years later, he still didn’t have a Social Security number, or driver’s license. He had bought and registered a vehicle in Maricopa County Arizona. His alcohol level was three times the legal limit when his callous disregard for America and her laws ended the life of Brandon Mendoza, one of Mesa, Arizona’s finest.

Mesa police Chief Frank Milstead called Mendoza an icon in the Mesa Police Department praising him for his service to his community.

“He was everything you want your officers to be: approachable, empathetic, understanding.”Raul Silva-Corona

Mendoza had just passed his Sargent’s exam and was awarded his promotion posthumously.

Mary Ann Mendoza, Brandon Mendoza’s mother, wrote Barack Obama a tersely worded letter, asking him why the government’s flagrant disregard for the law had been allowed for so long. She expressed her deep emotions of frustration and anger, wanting to know why he had not been deported twenty-years ago when he was convicted of his crimes in Colorado.

Mary Ann Mendoza told AZCentral that she is hoping to trigger a movement to shed light on the issue. She said she was working with an attorney to figure out ways to get the word out.

“I am not going to stop at this letter. I have to do something in my son’s memory to stop this kind of thing from happening.”

She told AZCentral that she was calling for tighter laws that would prohibit illegal immigrants from purchasing and registering vehicles in the U.S. without a driver’s license and would remove illegal immigrants who are convicted of a crime.

Mendoza said she takes no issue with law-abiding, undocumented immigrants in the country who are trying to make a better life for themselves.

“But when you go into another country … and commit a crime, that’s where I draw the line.”

Mary Ann Mendoza needs our support. We are all being put in a similar position with the government’s complete disregard for our safety and laws. Tens of thousands of illegal aliens are being force fed into our beautiful America. The possibility of unstoppable pandemic, unlimited terrorists, and a multitude of other horrors are waiting for us just around the corner. It won’t be long until mothers all across our nation will be crying for the loss of their own children. Lady Patriots will be following up with Mary Ann Mendoza and let you know what you can do to help her get answers and get the word out.

Letter to the President of the United States.

President Obama,

I am writing this letter to you regarding illegal immigrants.

As a tax paying, law abiding citizen of the United States, I WANT my voice heard on this issue. My son, Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, an officer who was with the City of Mesa, Arizona police department, was killed in a tragic head on collision on May 12, 2014 by a wrong way driver on our freeways. This man happened to be an illegal immigrant, was in this country illegally, convicted of previous crimes, no Social Security number, no valid driver’s license BUT he had purchased a vehicle and registered it to drive in Maricopa County Arizona.

I had my son’s life STOLEN from me by a man who didn’t value his life, was 3X the legal limit drunk, was high on Meth, drove for over 35 miles THE WRONG WAY on 4 different freeways and had NO BUSINESS BEING IN THIS COUNTRY!!!

The Federal Government knew he, Raul Silva Corona, was an illegal immigrant when he was convicted on crimes in 1994 in Colorado. The prosecutors were “lenient” on him and several charges were dismissed. When he was convicted of these crimes and 1994 and the government knew he was in the country illegally, why wasn’t he deported? Why are any of these illegal criminals in this country??

I am furious that the Federal Government allowed this criminal to stay in this country and KILL my son! I have attached several articles for you to PERSONALLY read about my son. He was an Icon with the City of Mesa Police Department. He was instrumental in making life better for people of all walks of life in the park project he took on. He was humble, selfless, worked many hours off the clock helping disadvantaged children and often used his own money to do things for the community, including “adopting” children at Christmas to provide them with gifts….out of his own money!!

I have attached numerous articles for you to read about my son. This was not a life that should have been taken so early. The good he was doing in our community is remarkable, the difference he made in people’s lives is amazing and the comfort he brought people in friendship was unmeasurable.

All you have to do is Google “Sgt/Officer Brandon Mendoza” and you will have plenty of reading material about my wonderful son who had just passed his Sergeant’s exam to become a Sgt. The Chief of Police posthumously promoted him during the week of his funeral but that highlight of his life was stolen from him!!! He was officer of the year last year. Officer of the quarter for the first quarter of 2014. He was only 32 years old and had done more in his life than most of us have done in a lifetime!

I am going to have my voice heard and I want to you to know what my personal feeling is on whether CRIMINAL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS should be allowed in this country. I have been DIRECTLY affected by this. I am sure if your life had been affected like mine has been, you would have a different view of this situation. I have lived in Arizona most of my life. My son, Brandon Mendoza, was half Hispanic. It’s not the color of skin that my son or I see, it’s the person and how they conduct their lives. If you can’t enter this country legally then you shouldn’t be here. If you commit crimes, you should pay the time any of us as US Citizens would have to serve. Letting these illegal criminals out of our jails before their time is served and turning them loose on the streets to commit further crimes and KILL our loved ones is NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME!! AND it shouldn’t be acceptable to any US Citizen. Mr. President, you don’t have the right to make this decision yourself……I have a say, even if it is for one moment. Maybe that one moment will light a spark with another citizen who can then light a candle, who can then light a bonfire, who can then light a city up and so on. My light has just been lit and I am not going to back down when so many of these illegal immigrants have more rights than we do. My son’s death will not be ignored as another statistic.

I want laws to change that would not allow illegal immigrants to purchase vehicles in our country and register them to drive them in our states WITHOUT having driver’s licenses to drive them legally. How is this happening??? I want laws changed that will force the removal of illegal immigrants who break our laws. This man, this repeated law breaker, was allowed to be released and he continued breaking the laws in our country until what???? UNTIL HE WAS STOPPED BY MY SON IN A HEAD ON COLLISION THAT NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!!! HE KILLED AN OFFICER OF THE LAW AS HIS LAST ACT!!! When are you going to see the flip side to this issue? When will you realize the hurt and pain and destruction these illegal immigrants who break the law will continue to cause???? Until you live in a state that deals with this on a daily basis, you will not understand it.

I want answers that make sense. I want answers from you personally as to why this criminal was allowed to stay in our country until he took my son’s life.


Mary Ann Mendoza

Dr. Sharon Schuetz
Dr. Sharon Schuetz
Dr. Sharon Schuetz has a Ph.D. in clinical Christian counseling. She and her husband of 43 years, Michael, are currently pastoring the Sebastopol Community Church in Trinity, TX, and have served as pastor of many churches throughout the past forty-years. In 2013 Dr. Schuetz, with the help of her partner, Julia, started which eventually had a writing staff of 26 and reached millions of readers over the next three-years until she sold the website and the Lady Patriot Facebook page in 2016. She did not sell the Lady Patriots youtube channel, but it was shut down last year after it was decided that it didn’t meet Youtube's community standards. She served as the editor of the local newspaper in her hometown of Trinity for a while and has since started a news service, Trinity County News L.L.C. She and Michael have three children and ten grand children.

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