A military judge today (Tuesday, July 30th, found Pfc. Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy for releasing sensitive, confidential and secret military documents to WikiLeaks. But Manning was convicted of multiple counts of violating the Espionage Act, stealing government property and various other charges that could add up to a maximum sentence of 136 years.

Colonel Denise Lind the judge in the case, appeased freedom of the press advocates for not setting a precedent which they warned would have broad consequences for journalists in the high-tech age. Colonel Lind said she would explain her rulings in more detail at a later date. Next is the sentencing phase, which can take years, with dozens of witnesses for each side set to testify. This case, if you listen to one side, is all about Private Manning being a patriotic whistleblower and if you listen to the other side, he’s a homosexual traitor.

One big problem here is that if it’s just leaks to a journalist for the purposes of an investigation, why would he need to provide an entire anthology of confidential information (some 700,000 files)? To me, it’s clear this guy was a disgruntled anarchist trying to gum up the works and make a name for himself. Most accounts report he was not happy in the service. There is very little doubt in anyone’s mind, including his, that he wasn’t aiding the enemy. Just the fact the enemy knows we have people like Private Manning who can be manipulated in our ranks helps them. Thank god he used paper and computer files and not some sort of weapon or bomb. At least Holder can’t call this one workplace violence, although I’m sure they’re knocking themselves out trying to get this kid a medal of some sort.

I know leftists and occupy types are romancing this as just wanting “truth” to prevail, but this isn’t about truth. In fact, no one is disputing any truths about any of the leaked information. They’re a bunch of confidential videos and records – all truthful – and all illegal for him to have given to Wikileaks. If Private Manning would have walked up to his commanding officer and done something violent – god forbid – then proclaimed he did it in the name of “truth,” you’d have half these people who are praising him now, praising him still. Leftists loathe the military, the United States, the “system,” and me, kno that I think of it. Anything and anyone aiding and abetting our enemies are heroes.

Let’s be honest about who’s really on trial here: Wikileaks. If Manning had leaked the same damn thing to the NY Times, we’d be having a completely different discussion and the idea that he aided the enemy would be laughed out of town by every editorial page in the mainstream media. The only reason any journalist is going to bat for Manning is that they fantasize about a scoop this big coming their way some day. They dream of a film about themselves starring the new Robert Redford, being quoted on the Sunday chat shows and to walk down the street and be noticed – because that’s what passes for journalism today in the mainstream: Celebrities covering celebrity. You ask any journalism student over the past thirty years why they want to be a journalist and they won’t say they want to report the truth:

They’ll tell you in complete uprightness that they want to change the world.

Translated, that means they want to be the story, not report the story. Journalists at the various Times’ and Post’s got what they wanted with this verdict – the unremitting potential to bring down this despicable country with their symbolic pens that are so much more mightier than Dick Cheney’s sword that it’s not even funny. The judge has protected their right to befriend a miserable man-boy like Private Bradley Manning, who can extract the information necessary to vault one’s career into the brightness of prime-time and a Kindle deal (that sounds sad, doesn’t it?) complete with an advance they can throw down on an Upper-Eastside apartment next to that guy with the thing at the place you saw that time in ‘New York Fashion’ Magazine.

Private Manning isn’t a hero – he’s a marginalized, delusional Travis Bickel wannabe without the cool Mohawk and the kahunas to go out with multiple heat-packs a-blazin’. But is it going to surprise anyone if Barack Obama pardons him? How many people who voted for Obama and are sick of Obama will jump right back on team Obama? Um, that would be every one of them, thank-you. See how compassionate he is? What a great president…

See what I did there? Yeah, I got to it eventually. As you were.

Rodney Conover
Rodney Conover
Rodney Lee Conover is a candidate for Congress in California's 8th District for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Follow him on Twitter @RCCA08 his full bio and campaign site are at:

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