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Shocking News! Iran’s New “Moderate” President Admits He’s Been Making Nukes All Along!

By Laurie Sterling

As Gomer Pyle used to say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!” It seems that the masks are coming off all over the place. In a strange turn of events, Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani has admitted that Iran has been making nukes all along. Is anyone really surprised about that? I don’t think so. What might surprise you is who has been behind this from the beginning.

Touted as “moderate” by the lame stream media, Rouhani worked as the “chief nuclear negotiator” under the “Supreme Leader,” Ayatollah Khamenei, double dipping and representing Khamenei in the “Supreme National Security Council” as well.

It’s all captured in a recently released video, “A Time to Betray” by former CIA agent, Reza Kahlili. Kahlili was a CIA spy embedded with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. In this shocking video, Rouhani boasts that he was the one responsible for bringing Iran to the brink of nuclear capability.

Ryan Mauro, a writer for the “Clarion Project” quotes Rouhani, “The day we invited the three European ministers, only 10 centrifuges were spinning at Natanz. We could not produce one gram of U4 or U6 [uranium hexafluoride]. We did not have the heavy water, we could not produce yellowcake, and our total production of centrifuges inside the country was 150. We wanted to complete all of these, we needed time .”

When you watch the video yourself, you will see that Rouhani boasts of his “accomplishment” with a looming, sinister smile, as a defiant child that says, “Ha ha, I got you!” The only thing he didn’t do was stick out his tongue.

Mauro wrote, “Rouhani explains how he put Europe and America on opposite sides and took advantage of the friendliness of Mohammed El-Baradei, who was then serving as the chief of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency. El-Baradei is now Egypt’s Vice-President for Foreign Affairs.”

Rouhani goes on to joyfully say that, “Threats must be changed to opportunities.” That sounds strikingly similar to “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Only this time they are talking about life and death of possibly the deaths of millions of innocent people.

I recently wrote an article on El-Baradei, the recently appointed Vice President of Foreign Affairs in Iran. My article stated, “El Baradei was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October of 2005, jointly, with the International Atomic Energy Agency. El Baradei was the head of the IAEA for 12 years, from 1997 to 2009.” El Baradei was the man who was responsible for “buying time” so that Iran could get the rest of the materials and capabilities needed to build the bomb. Rouhani gives El Baradei credit in the video for helping to bring Iran to the brink of nuclear capability and now he sits alongside Rouhani in Iran’s new regime.

Sadly, it gets worse. My article exposes that El Baradei works for…wait for it…none other than George Soros himself! So, it appears that Obama has been in bed with Iran after all and might be behind the recent “uprisings” in the Middle East. After all, all the players are the same: The International Crisis Center, Soros, Code Pink, and others. Our embassies were closed on the day of Rouhani’s inauguration. Was this to show a sign of respect for Iran’s new regime? While the thought is sickening, something tells me that there is much more to this story and we are only now beginning to scratch the surface. The only trouble is, by the time we do, Iran will have a nuke.

In a typical fashion of a jihadist, Rouhani proclaims the following in the video, “We must change threats if not to opportunity but to harm, then from harm to ordinary conditions and then to opportunity.” Wow, that doesn’t sound like a moderate to me. He goes on in a disgraceful display of arrogance to say, “The negotiations…there was no agreement, this is for the uneducated…the declaration of Tehran, in that declaration, there was a resolution that all (nuclear activities) must stop but we did not allow it!” He goes on to say (almost ecstatically) we did not stop, we completed the program. This appears to be how he was able to “buy more time” under the guise of suspending uranium enrichment. All of this occurred with El Baradei’s help from the United Nations.

Rouhani stated that for 22 months he had served under the “direct supervision of the supreme leader” and served as his representative in the “Supreme National Security Council then as well as today.” He goes on to boast in detail about the first phase of the project being completed in March of 2005. Shaking his finger, he says that production on the heavy water plant stated in 2004, yellow cake was produced in the winter of 2004 and that the number of centrifuges reached 3000 in 2005. Finally, he wraps us his deranged rant by bragging that, since his tenure, he increased production of only 150 centrifuges to 1700.

People, it’s time to speak the truth or were through. Please share this article and get the word out. God bless you and may God save America and Israel.

Laurie Sterling
Laurie Sterling
Laurie Sterling is a Christian singer/songwriter, author and political activist. Laurie’s articles have been featured on such websites as Save America Foundation and Freedom Works, where she administers her site, “S.O.A.R.” Saving Our American Republic. Her articles have also been featured on the Patriot Action Network website, as well as her personal WordPress Blog, titled “StandswithIsrael.” Laurie’s music has been featured on several radio stations and her CD, “I’m Looking at Heaven” has received high acclaim from well known critics. Her song, “American Dream” is a Tea Party favorite and has been used in various political campaigns. It has even been called the official Tea Party Anthem. Check out Laurie’s songs and videos at YouTube. You can see the American Dream video here. Laurie lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee with her husband James McGill, an Educational Consultant. Laurie and James have a college age son, Andrew, who is also a musician. Laurie is a former elementary school teacher and is currently working on her Masters of Arts in Theology at Liberty University. Laurie is available for speaking and singing engagements. She is passionate in her desire to see America restored to its former glory as “That Shining City on a Hill.” She loves to lead worship as a guest worship leader at various churches and is happy to share her message of hope with any congregation. You can contact Laurie via email at

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