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Take this fraud & shove it – a solution to voter fraud

There is a lot of complaining about voter fraud.  People who have witnessed it and its victims lament about it, and people who perpetrate it or support those who do deny it exists.

I’ve witnessed it and I’ve done my share of griping about it. However, I’ve also given the subject a lot of thought over the years, and I have come up with some potential solutions.  I might add, I have tried for many months to bring these ideas to the attention of the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis to no avail. 

So I have decided that instead of now continuing to lament about how his staff has ignored every request, I need to share this outline of what I would present to the governor IF I am ever able to meet with him.  Maybe together we can all see some of these changes put into place in time to save what promises to be the most contentious election in our nation’s history.

To begin with, I absolutely want FL to remain RED. However, it is more important to me to see and believe we have an honest tally of ALL the votes regardless of the outcome.  As I’ve said in the past, I am not happy when any of my preferred candidates lose, but I would bite the bullet and congratulate the winner if I believed they won fair and square.

This list is by no means exhaustive; however, all of these steps and more must begin immediately here in FL and hopefully catch on in other states as I believe we have until roughly next June to get this done before it will be too late.

The system has become very over-complicated and politicized, and too many SOEs believe it is their job to make sure that everyone votes, too often for their preferred party/candidate.  I believe the main job of an SOE is to ensure not that everyone votes, but that the list of eligible voters is clean and accurate, and that the elections are conducted fairly, legally, and without so much as the appearance of foul play.  

STEP ONE.  If we change nothing else, I think the most important item to ensure checks and balances is that we need to have three, (3) SOEs in each jurisdiction.  One from each party and an independent; all of them being co-equal and co-responsible so that if one of them does something askew of the law and the others don’t uncover and report it, they all fall together with harsh penalties.  I believe that would go a long way in keeping them honest.  

Also, Part of the reason that many SOEs continue to oversee the fraud is that there is no punishment for violators.  Therefore a penalty structure needs to be set up to include prison and stiff fines for these serious crimes.    

•    This step outlined above should be the priority and is why it needs the governor’s blessing since he would have to authorize an agency to see to it.  As a side note, I believe the entire system should be privatized with citizen oversight and review boards.

•    Part and parcel to having three SOEs would be the immediate and new focus on all staff at all SOE offices to clean up the eligible voter list.  This would include checking for and removing those who are now deceased, moved away, etc.  A sticking point would be snowbirds who illegally vote up north and down here in national elections.  Until we can get a national registry up and running, which I also believe is crucial, that is going to be tough.  However, for now, we should have a statewide registration which would at least prevent anyone from voting more than once in any election in FL.

•    Additionally, all SOE activity should be accessible to any/all members of the public wishing to monitor it.  

STEP TWO.  Given that it is and always has been an invitation to commit fraud, early voting should be eliminated outright or at very least, curtailed significantly with a max of three, (3) days.

STEP THREE.  We MUST strictly enforce Voter ID laws and should initiate a first in the nation bio-metric system using iris scans, fingerprints, etc.

STEP FOUR.  Just like any other transaction, every voter should be issued an electronic “Walmart style” detailed receipt upon submitting a ballot which shows/proves who and what he/she voted for.  “Walmart style” as opposed to only a barcode so that the voter could see that it reflects his/her choices.

STEP FIVE.  All ballots should be transported from the individual polls and up the chain to the SOE office by either Police or Armored carrier instead of by poll workers.

Among other issues, beyond the executive order scope of any singular governor is that nationwide there are numerous differences in voter laws and methods, when they should be as consistent as traffic laws and a “best practices” system should be established.
Certainly, under no circumstances should any non-citizen, (legal or otherwise) be able to vote anywhere or allowed to work in an SOE office.    

The governor needs to repeal the new law, which allows ex-cons with felonies to vote.  This was a measure by the Democrats to add a voting bloc for them — nothing more, nothing less. 

All violations should be subject to costly fines and penalties, up to and including loss of voting privileges for life.

As I said at the beginning, this is by no means exhaustive. However, it is a major step in the right direction, and I believe it could drastically reduce institutionalized voter fraud.

Time is of the essence, and every fair-minded citizen, regardless of party affiliation, should be screaming for this sort of accountability.

David DiCrescenzo
David DiCrescenzo
David DiCrescenzo was born and raised in the Boston area and has found success at a number of occupations over the years ranging from Executive Protection Specialist for a bank CEO, to a construction manager, and small business owner. Always keeping a keen eye and ear to local surroundings and world events, coupled with his mixed experiences, David has developed a strong sense of discernment with regards to the world landscape. Transplanting himself from Boston to Florida in 2003, and utilizing his unique and often times laser perspective, David opines and reports on a variety of topics ranging from his strong Christian faith, the political realm, world events, and sometimes all three combined. Offering no apologies, David is a defender of solid conservative principles and values, and is a dyed in the wool American Patriot.