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Teenagers Attacking People: Nothing to See Here

   What would you say if I told you that there was a roaming gang of teenagers attacking people – with hammers – in Minneapolis near the East Bank Light Rail station on Friday, May 17th, 2019? What would you say if I told you that the victims of those attacks were – according to a witness – people who “looked like they had money or were white?” Would you be surprised? Would you ask why you haven’t heard about it on CNN or any number of other national “news” outlets? What if I then told you that this gang of eight to ten teens were Somali? Would that raise more questions for you, or would it answer your questions?

“Why is a group of teenagers attacking people with hammers and other blunt objects at a train station so close to the University of Minnesota not dominating the news cycle?” The answer is, of course, “Protect the narrative.” Sadly, we live in an age where most media outlets are more concerned with doing their part in the grand social engineering project than they are with actually informing you. So, protect the narrative.

Another question would be, “Was this racially motivated?” The answer – protect the narrative. We have been told by the race hustlers and the MSM that only white; conservatives can be racist. We have been told that only “institutional racism” is real racism thereby allowing people on the left to ignore the actual definition of the word racism while insisting on using the word to silence or demonize those who disagree with them on some socio-political topic. The account of the witness who said that they seemed to be “attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white” sure sounds like race was a factor, but asking the question opens the door to challenging the narrative.

 My next question would be, “Why should the fact that these teenagers are Somali effect news coverage?” The answer – protect the narrative. Many Americans have been asking for immigration and asylum reforms and enforcement, but we have been told by politicians – and the media – that everything is fine. There isn’t anything wrong with how things are being done now unless you’re racist and, in that case, everyone else should ignore you. If the media were to cover this story, it might raise questions about the need for reforms; some people might try to use this story to promote the idea of stricter enforcement of current laws. Talking about violent and or criminal immigrants or refugees opens the door to challenging the narrative.

   Rep. Ilhan Omar, who herself is a refugee from Somali, represents this district which is sometimes referred to as Little Mogadishu. Omar has been caught-up in controversies involving anti-Semitic statements, siding with terrorist warlords regarding the 1993 Mogadishu raid that most Americans know from Black Hawk Down fame, and even called the 9/11 attacks an event where “some people did something.” Omar seems the perfect choice to represent Little Mogadishu and such an attack on random travelers seems more in line with Mogadishu than with an American city like Minneapolis; leading to my next questions “Is this a cultural issue?” and “Has Ilhan Omar’s statements – without any consequences from her fellow Democrats – further emboldened people like these teens to act this way?” We have been told that all cultures are of equal value and that diversity for the sake of diversity is of greater value than our cultural norms (like following the law, not randomly attacking people on the street, etc.). Asking these questions opens the door to challenging the narrative.   

Hat tips to Elizabeth Vaughn of Red State, Matt Vespa of Townhall, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, and Alpha News MN for their part in doing the job that the rest of the media won’t do. (Here is the Minneapolis Police Department dispatch audio.)

Tim Tapp
Tim Tapp
Tim Tapp grew up in a Democratic household where the values of helping others, loving God and America were taught. Sadly, as he transitioned from his late teenage years into adulthood, he learned the hard way that much of what the Democratic party promised and claimed to be their beliefs were little more than pretty words, and often flat-out lies. Having studied biology, he worked in management and QA for restaurants and food manufactures before becoming politically active. Never being one who was afraid to speak up and being armed with the knowledge of the failings of the Democratic party while understanding that most Democratic voters are good-hearted, well-meaning people, he is the host of the syndicated, conservative talk show "Tapp" into the Truth. He still calls East Tennessee home, as he lives with his wife and youngest daughter in Rockwood (not far from Knoxville), but has strong ties to all of Roane County.