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The Coming Race War

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about a coming race war.  Jay-Z says America better “watch out,” Carl T. Rowan says it’s inevitable because of the economy, Glenn Beck says the White House is planting the seeds of a race war – even a Department of Homeland Security employee is hoarding ammo and prepping for the inevitable race war… Well I got news for y’all:

The race war already started and blacks are winning.

Of course they’re fighting other blacks, but they sure are kicking their asses and President Obama, Oprah, Eric Holder, the Mainstream media, Jay-Z, Hillary Clinton, Alec Baldwin, Bill Clinton, Whoopie Goldberg, Chelsea Clinton, Halle Berry, Joe Biden, Scarlet Johansson, Harry Reid, Sandra Bullock and Debbie Wasserman Schultz couldn’t care less.

You’ve heard this before over and over, but it bears repeating over and over: The overwhelming majority of the killers of blacks are other blacks. Not whites, half-whites, white-Hispanics, kinda white, you totally sound white, or you sort of look white in that hat – but blacks. It is the most sickening thing to watch as our so-called first black President throws himself into the middle of the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman incident, not only commenting on the case before and during the trial – but saying first that Trayvon could be his son or even him – but nothing where black on black crime is concerned .

But when a white or half-white is involved, there is Barack Obama. Never when the victim is white. Never when the victim is Hispanic, Asian, Native American, etc. Never when the victims are Christian. Never when the victim doesn’t fit this president’s narrative or agenda.

And while we’re at it, how many times did we hear the President during his presidential campaigns say that he was a Christian? Now I know a lot of people accused him of not being a Christian, but he came right out and said as righteous as I would that he was a Christian. Over and over and the media backed him up. Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian and if you even say his middle name you’re a racist because… we’ll you’re just a racist, that’s all…

Has this guy said a word about what has been going down in Egypt with his Muslim brotha’s in the Muslim Brotherhood burning Christian churches, marking them in red for destruction, marching nuns down the street to be tortured? The burning alive and murdering of Christians for no other reason than they’re Christian? I know what I would do if I were president and I was a Christian. You know you can stick a branch in your eye and say you’re a tree, but it doesn’t make you a tree and where I was brought up and went to church, Barack Obama is no Christian. I’m not saying he’s Muslim or anything else – I’m just saying that if you back the Muslim Brotherhood and don’t do or say a damn thing about your fellow Christians bearing the brunt of this kind of genocide, you are no Christian, pal.

Your inactions, your silence, your agenda sickens me, so I’m going to Washington in 2014 and we’ll probably be seeing a lot of each other. I’m going to politely remind you of your responsibility to blacks and Christians. Often.

Rodney Conover
Rodney Conover
Rodney Lee Conover is a candidate for Congress in California's 8th District for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Follow him on Twitter @RCCA08 his full bio and campaign site are at:

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