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The Enemy is the GOP

We cannot beat back the Maoist wannabes in the Democrat Party until the GOP establishment – the new enemy – is defeated.

The only question is when are you going to start believing it?

Are you against ObamaCare being in your life? Been against it since 2009? Did you help the Republicans get back in the House Majority specifically to rid you and your family of the abject disaster and tragedy of socialized medicine? The lies of ObamaCare?

How did that work out?

What? The GOP majority in the House fully funded ObamaCare through 2016 and stood by while Obama rewrote the legislation umpteen amount of times?

The GOP who took your votes, your money, your trust, smiled and promised they’d stop ObamaCare did nothing while Obama ignored the Separation of Powers? What? No..

What about illegal immigration? Think that’s a good idea or are you for ending it before this country becomes a POS?

Lucky for you the GOP is there to do nothing while Obama gives Executive order after order allowing millions of illegal immigrants a full ride here.

Must be nice for Barack Obama to enforce laws he digs and ignore the ones he doesn’t? He’s got an opposition Party in the House Majority that kicks back while de facto Amnesty runs amuck with no border security, no enforcement of existing laws and tens of thousands of dangerous, murderous, criminal illegals are just set free back into society at will. Hey – whatevs!

Now here come the Central American Children’s Death Trains to the Border and guess what the Republicans are doing?… NOTHING!

They’re silently admiring Dear Leader who gets the job done for them, the Chamber of Commerce, Facebook, Google, Hilton, Big Ag, Rupert Murdock, the rest of Silicon Valley and every other sell-out Corporate overlord – salivating over the potential for suppressed middle-class wages for ages.

Anyone who thinks the ousting of Eric Cantor means Amnesty is done is dead wrong because his replacement is far to his left and Amnesty is here – one way or another: The GOP wants it just as bad as Obama, Pelosi, Soros, La Raza, Zuck and Saul, my pool boy.. (did I say that out loud?)

It’s not enough for the GOP establishment to be hooking up with a scumrat like Steve LaTourette and his “Main Street Republican Partnership” Super PAC – funded by left wing labor unions, Soros-connected money and a promise to destroy conservatives. Any Republican taking money from these turncoat bunch of pri*ks should get up tomorrow and go jump in a lake.. *cough *cough Cook.. *cough.. McCain..*cough..

No, the GOP will stop at nothing now and all you need to know to maybe start growing a sack and getting on the program is contained in the Thad Cochran / Chris McDaniels primary:

Sarah Palin summed it up better than I could.

From Ms. Palin’s FB:

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Liberals?

As we pointed out last week, there were several potentially illegal political games afoot in Mississippi to motivate Democrat voters to “switch” over to the GOP for a day to help save a 42 year Republican member of Congress. On top of that, millions of dollars from out of state liberal billionaires like Mike Bloomberg poured in at the last minute on that same incumbent’s behalf. You have to ask yourself why?

When a primary election is lost fairly, I am all for unifying behind the victor and joining forces to fight in November. When an election is questionable, with potential legal violations, politics MUST be put aside and the irregularities MUST be fully investigated. Regardless of party, we owe it to voters and to democracy within our Republic. The integrity of the vote speaks directly to the integrity of those who serve and the trust we ask the American public to put in our institutions. I told Chris McDaniel last night that I stand with his effort to get to the bottom of this – he needs to know average, but tremendously concerned, citizens want to make sure the integrity of last night’s results in Mississippi are verified.

Voting shenanigans never cease to amaze, but they had better cease altogether for the sake of ethical elections. And any GOP “architect” behind these abhorrent voting shenanigans should be ashamed of this Pyrrhic victory for the establishment. If we find out it’s true that some of the characters alleged to have masterminded this Mississippi hijacking are the same ones who’ve tried to destroy other Republicans’ careers, they need to be taken to task and only be hired by unethical campaigns. Fool us once, shame on you; fool us twice, shame on us. And if any news organization ignores a free and fair elections issue like this, then whether left-leaning or center right, their silence will speak volumes.

– Sarah Palin

42 years this cat, Cochrane has been in Congress and what he’s done in this election to try and stay there – with the full backing of the GOP – means they are the enemy and it’s time to start calling them as much.

“The Republican establishment is the enemy of conservative Americans.”

Say it.

Rodney Conover
Rodney Conover
Rodney Lee Conover is a candidate for Congress in California's 8th District for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Follow him on Twitter @RCCA08 his full bio and campaign site are at:

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