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To some, the US Constitution and its “Bill of Rights” are a real pain in the neck!

This is especially true of the Washington elitists!  Many of whom are socialist-leaning, progressive politicians who think – regardless of the issue – that “government” can and should always provide the solution.

These statists simply do not acknowledge or appreciate the value of the protections our Constitution, and its first ten amendments, provide for every citizen – political perspective not withstanding!  As a matter of practice, they seem to despise those protections and anyone who defends them.

Recent news stories abound with examples of proposals from individuals and groups advocating for “social justice,” “equality,” “gun safety,” “gender identity,” “diversity,” ad infinitum!!  These “issues,” and the PC nonsense that often accompanies them, are usually followed by mob-mentality demands for more and more restrictions on the precious personal liberties of their fellow citizens.  In some cases, these demands come from individuals and/or groups who are, not themselves, US citizens!  

Because of its Constitution, the USA is unique among the nations of the world. Our citizens are guaranteed liberties that the citizens of most other countries do not even have. The Bill of Rights protects us from government excesses and bureaucratic overreach. Because of it, we have been able to enjoy life, liberty, freedom, and security for decades.

So, why would anyone want to reduce or limit any of these precious freedoms? The answer is simple; they impede the various “agendas” of groups who seek to use the government to implement changes to our unique American culture and traditions.  They consistently choose force over persuasion!  They abhor having to defend their bizarre ideas in open forums because many of those ideas are simply indefensible! The Green New Deal is an excellent example.

Furthermore, Due Process is too cumbersome for these despots!  They clearly believe accusations should have the same weight as conclusive evidence!  They willingly accept rumors and innuendos as facts!  Their “anonymous sources” are, not only, invisible, but also, infallible!  To them, the presumption of innocence is simply an unnecessary obstacle to “justice”!

Look no further than the circus surrounding the so-called “investigation” by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the daily drama in its aftermath.  This was nothing more than outrageous, illegal behavior by unscrupulous, corrupt, agents representing the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI.  What they did destroyed the credibility of both agencies! 

Lastly, many of these same individuals believe “private” anything is evil!

Private property: EVIL!

Private enterprise: EVIL!

Personal wealth: EVIL!

Personal Privacy: EVIL!

The list is endless.  Apparently, the “needs” of the government must always outweigh the constitutional “rights” of the citizenry!

Our founders experienced these kinds of abuses themselves. That’s why they included some very restrictive safeguards into our Constitution.

Our elected officials, and the entrenched bureaucracy that supports them must be made to recognize and respect the value of the Bill of Rights and conduct themselves accordingly. Otherwise, our precious liberty will continue to suffer irreparable harm!

Freedom and Liberty are the two most valuable attributes of the American way of life.  They are worthy of the eternal vigilance it will take to preserve them!

Ron Tamaccio

June 20, 2019