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Tough Love-A Loser Every Time

“Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think.”

I don’t know who came up with that saying, but it’s been my favorite quote for a long time. Besides being a phrase that should be permanently engraved in the minds of everyone; it’s also an excellent analogy for the two political ideologies in this country.

Liberals weave tales of doom, while conservatives approach problems with a cool head, a logical and consistent method of thinking, and faith; Faith in God and faith in His greatest creation.

Like everybody, I have had my share of collapses into the ‘feeling’ category; but some people live their entire lives there. How depressing it is to think of those poor souls-unless you’re a liberal politician; for them, the misery of others is a path to glory and riches.

A conservative would recommend to those who are continuously ruled by their emotions that they should look at that quote every day and use it as inspiration to have a better life. To stop living in fear and doubt; to stop clouding your mind with self defeating thought, and to begin to accept the world for what it is so that you can anchor yourself in reality and find your way forward; to have faith in yourself so that you can reach heights of happiness and achievement beyond your wildest dreams.

But a liberal politician will instead use the swamp of emotions to ensnare the most vulnerable into a never-ending cycle of dependency on government. They have done it in this country for a hundred years, and they are very good at it. Consider the following:

  • Liberals have taken over the education system. Targeting the young, they have at best eliminated teaching of the Founding Principles, and at worst, have colored the Founding Fathers as racists and rapists alike. The result is that for most people even at my age of fifty, history is boring and largely unknown. People are unaware of just how special this country really is; and in fact, many believe that we are a country to be scorned. Even by our own citizens. The result is that those who vote tend to be uninformed, do not pay attention until the final weeks of an election, and generally vote for the guy who is most likeable rather than the one who has the most fundamentally truthful principles to achieve success.
  • Liberals have taken over the family. Targeting the poor, they preach freedom without the counterbalance of responsibility. They have done so by separating men from their duty as fathers, women from the valiant life-occupation of mother, and whole people from the sacred virtue of personal accomplishment. The result is that half of the country’s kids grow up in a fractured family setting and the bounds of socially acceptable behavior are stretched further with every generation while they become more and more dependent on government.
  •  Liberals have taken over the Pew. Targeting the distraught, they promote selfish pursuits and manipulate the words of Christian doctrine, and have carved the path away from America’s fundamental strength; the humility and the duty of man to do the right thing even when it is unpopular. The result is that it is now socially preferable to openly discriminate against Christians and people are unaware of the inner tranquility and mental stability that comes with Faith in Christ. Alcohol, illicit drugs, and Anti-Depressants have become a widespread and ineffective replacement for Holy Communion.
  •   Liberals have returned Black America to chains and they are well on their way to doing it with Brown America. Democrats and their forebears failed to keep slavery in place, but they realized that if they could use their influence and their positions of power to control those populations, then they can own their votes. President Lyndon Johnson famously said, “I’ll have those n—-s voting Democratic for the next 200 years!” It should be noted that Black America rivaled White America in terms of their strength of religious and family values before the liberals seized upon them. Hispanics, too are heavily religious and family oriented. The result of liberal actions is that both communities vote heavily Democratic, and do so to the detriment of their own long term benefit. Look at any major city to see the results of unobstructed Democratic control and the violent plight of minorities within those cities.

In all of these situations and more, liberals employ the time-honored technique of closing the sale that any good salesman can tell you is the most effective. They don’t talk about best solutions and refer to numbers to prove results, (because they can’t) They sell to emotion. They have built a structure of intellectual, spiritual, and moral weakness among their base, and they employ it constantly to sell themselves into office.

Conservatives fail to gain the favor of blocks of voters because we see all people as equally capable of achieving their dreams. We think it is more bigoted to tell a Black man or a Hispanic woman that they can’t get ahead without assistance than it is to see them as equal to everyone else. We fail in that message when we do not portray it in an uplifting and compassionate way.

Liberals are the consummate salesmen; they sell to emotion, offer goodies and win. The product they sell is addictive, and the customer is constantly looking to buy the next goodie.

Conservatives, on the other hand are managers that try to convince based on proven principles, tough choices and best results. We often lose with a superior product that will provide the best long term solution.

Every parent knows that doing the most loving thing for your child often means that the kid is not going to like it in the short term. Conservatives have always failed when we have taken this brutally honest approach. We often fail to convince the voters to take their medicine. Our principles are correct and our compassion is proven to be superior to liberals when the results are measured on virtually every issue; but we routinely fail because we are lousy salesmen. This is not going to change until we improve our pitch.

Conservative leaders that succeeded did so by finding a way to tap into the one public sentiment that liberals can’t hope to use; inspiration to be the best you can be. That is the only emotion that we have in our arsenal that will overcome fear and envy. Liberals have a lock on the summoning the darker emotions, and we can never hope to win by employing their methods of division and scorn. We need to convince America-especially the downtrodden, the minorities, and the afflicted-that thinking through problems will always be the most…thoughtful. That they are better than they give themselves credit for and that big government is a much greater obstacle to their happiness than it is a crutch; especially in troubled times.

Until we prove that our love is as caring as it is tough, we will lose at the polls every time.

Bruce Navin
Bruce Navin
Bruce Navin is a small business owner in Central Pennsylvania, and a proud father. He enjoys doing his part in volunteering; most often in support of Catholic charitable functions including as an officer with The Knights of Columbus. One enjoyable moment in the Great American political process was being a first- hand witness to the beginning of the end of a dubious political career. It occurred in Lebanon, Pa. at a townhall meeting hosted by then Republican Senator Arlen Specter. His arrogance and that of the union thugs who tried to bully elderly men was stunning. It also marked a major milestone in the birth of the TEA party.

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