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Welcome Back to the School and the Five Pillars of Islam!

By Laurie Sterling

As summer winds down and “Back to School” shopping ads start appearing all over the place, children are ready to return to the structure and routine that school provides. After spending long summer days with their children, most parents are eager to get some much-needed time to themselves. As the “back to school buzz” begins, school children are excited to buy new school clothes and maybe even get a brand new pair of shoes in the bargain.

The first day back to school is always an exciting day for students all across America. As they anxiously find their new classrooms and meet their new teachers, they worry about making friends and how they will fit in with their classmates.

Teachers are busy with their lesson plans and decorating their classrooms to make sure their new students feel welcome on their first day of school. Staff members hang posters and decorate bulletin boards in the hallways to welcome the students back to school. Such has been the tradition of “Back to School Days” all across America for decades. My, how things have changed!

This year things are different, very different indeed. This year, instead of “Welcome Back” signs, students in Tennessee and Kansas were welcomed back to school on their first day with signs hanging all over the hallways promoting the “Five Pillars of Islam.” Who knows how many other states and counties in America are doing this very same thing? These are just the ones that have made their way into the news.

On August 14, 2013, Lady Patriots published an article titled,  “Tennessee Schools Bow Down to Islam” written by Laurie Sterling. The article documented how Tennessee schools are using a book titled, “The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography” by James M. Rubenstein. The article points out how this book is indoctrinating children to believe that terrorism is somehow justifiable because the terrorists, “believe in something so strongly, they are willing to die for it.” It also exposes how, during the very first week back to school (the first day, in fact) Islamic posters promoting the virtues of the “five pillars of Islam” were scattered all along the hallways of one high school in Robertson County, Tennessee.

Sunset Elementary school in Williamson County, Tennessee, sent a note home with the students instructing them that they were not allowed to bring in snacks or lunches containing pork products and that deli meats had to be “rolled up.” They stated that this had to do with “food allergies.” That seems quite odd, however, since I have worked as a teacher in the public school system and there are separate tables in the cafeteria for children with food allergies. Foods are not banned from the entire school because of food allergies. No, this seems to fit more into an agenda, and that agenda caters to Islam.

So, where is the outcry of the liberals and atheists of, “Separation of church and state?” Or does the, “Separation of church and state only apply to Christianity? How do these school districts get away with their pro-Islamic agendas and why are parents so shockingly silent? Where is the outrage?

Apparently, this disturbing trend is continuing in states all over America and it is all happening through the vehicle of Common Core, the new progressive curriculum that favors Islam and contains anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric. Students At Minneha Core Knowledge Elementary School In Wichita Kansas were greeted with posters of the “Five Pillars of Islam” all over the hallways on their very first day back to school!

Is it a coincidence that there is an Islamic Society of Wichita containing a Muslim Community Center in the same community teaching Islam in the public schools? In a Nashville suburb, there sits the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, another state proclaiming the virtues of Islam in its public school system.

Both states have been in the news due to their display of bulletin boards containing lessons on the “five pillars of Islam” on the first day of school. Are the Islamic centers involved in this or is this simply a coincidence? I think not!

Kansas Students at Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet Elementary School in Wichita Were Greeted with This on the Wall Wednesday

So, what can we do about it? Parents need to raise hell and call their school superintendents to make sure this pro-Islamic agenda is not being forced down their children’s throats. They need to demand that their children’s textbooks are sent home so that they can see for themselves what their children are being taught and what the agenda really is. They need to contact their local school boards and get involved with other parents and local PTA groups. If the schools refuse to listen, they need to pull their children out of these schools as quickly as possible and start home schooling!

It’s time to take a stand, America. If you don’t do this for the children, who will stand for them? Will we sit silently back and allow our children to be indoctrinated into the “virtues of Islam?” Not on my watch!

Laurie Sterling
Laurie Sterling
Laurie Sterling is a Christian singer/songwriter, author and political activist. Laurie’s articles have been featured on such websites as Save America Foundation and Freedom Works, where she administers her site, “S.O.A.R.” Saving Our American Republic. Her articles have also been featured on the Patriot Action Network website, as well as her personal WordPress Blog, titled “StandswithIsrael.” Laurie’s music has been featured on several radio stations and her CD, “I’m Looking at Heaven” has received high acclaim from well known critics. Her song, “American Dream” is a Tea Party favorite and has been used in various political campaigns. It has even been called the official Tea Party Anthem. Check out Laurie’s songs and videos at YouTube. You can see the American Dream video here. Laurie lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee with her husband James McGill, an Educational Consultant. Laurie and James have a college age son, Andrew, who is also a musician. Laurie is a former elementary school teacher and is currently working on her Masters of Arts in Theology at Liberty University. Laurie is available for speaking and singing engagements. She is passionate in her desire to see America restored to its former glory as “That Shining City on a Hill.” She loves to lead worship as a guest worship leader at various churches and is happy to share her message of hope with any congregation. You can contact Laurie via email at